I want to commend you and your team for helping us with a very successful company launch, especially with us originally being based outside of the U.S.. Despite the fact we had to fly in “stealth mode” for the months leading up to the launch, your team managed to secure for us excellent coverage with both press and analysts that exceeded my expectations.

Eric Marks, Agile Path, Vice President of Marketing

We rely on Ripple Effect to bring attention to our SCADA software in a variety of industries, which are involved in managing their connected devices in increasingly complex environments. The team delivers innovation, creative ideas and deep relationships with editorial contacts – all of which have combined to generate positive awareness for PcVue and our solutions. We consider Ripple Effect a valued partner in helping us to achieve recognition and success.

Ed Nugent, COO, PcVue Inc.

Ripple Effect successfully masterminded the PR campaign to introduce our new healthcare product on very short notice. Within a month, they managed the process of completing a white paper and case study in addition to garnering editorial coverage to maximize visibility of the product. Ripple Effect was successful in securing coverage in several notable publications, including Advance for Healthcare Executives, Health Leaders, and Health Management Technology as well as a mention in SearchCIO.com Webinar on trends, solutions and technology.

Dan Lucarini, Vice President Marketing, IMR.

We are thrilled with the results Ripple Effect has achieved. They provided marketing counsel and repositioning programs to help Chase Walton, a 50 year old manufacturer of silicone elastomer components, to compete in a consolidating and highly competitive market. We have seen an increase in visibility and brand awareness for us, which is playing an integral part in the increase in Chase Walton’s business from our customers as well as new inquiries we are receiving from prospects.

Paul Corriveau, CFO and Chief Operating Officer, Chase Walton