IPO Launch VisionPre-IPO Programs

We strategize with senior management to review press releases, corporate messages and positioning statements on an integrated basis with your public relations team.  Our experience with equity offerings enables us to act as a proxy  representing you, your company’s message and we provide counsel so those messages resonate for investors.

Ripple Effect helped take INSCI public and was onboard with INSCI before INSCI went public. INSCI recently changed its name to ClearStory Systems (CSYS) Ripple Effect also took Interep National Radio Sales (IREP) public

Strategic Counsel/Program Management – During the initial months leading up to an IPO, we work with senior management to review press releases, corporate messages and positioning statements on an integrated basis with your public relations team.  In certain instances we have been included in the IPO working group to assist management in ensuring that positioning and messages are carried into the prospectus.  Our experience is recognized by many investment bankers because we support their work. Your legal counsel will appreciate our in-depth knowledge of the quiet period rules. And your VC team will appreciate how we effectively brand your company through IPO communications to provide added value and an ROI for the communications budget.  Our experience enables us to act as a proxy for how investors will interpret your company’s actions and messages, and we provide counsel so those messages resonate for investors.  Importantly, our experience with equity offerings enables us to act as your communications advisor, representing you, your company’s message and your future investors.

Roadshow Presentation – Roadshow presentations are often template reproductions of all other IPO road shows. They are often put together by overworked investment banking associates and reviewed by your attorneys and the bankers to accomplish one thing — avoid risk!  We deliver presentations that meet the legal requirements of your attorneys and the underwriters counsel, but we make the presentation what it really should be — an effective communications vehicle for your company.  Our unique experience helps us deliver your key messages, and we know the key elements institutional investors want to see but are often missed.  Should it be required, Ripple Effect Communications can bring design expertise to your company, as we have worked with firms that specialize in the design and delivery of investor relations presentations.

Peer/Market Research – Staying current on the activities and news of competitors and peers enables you to be strategic with your communications to Wall Street.  Ripple Effect Communications will monitor your competitors and provide management with actionable feedback surrounding competitors’ financial profiles, including but not limited to earnings announcements, conference calls, M&A activity, funding, and participation in conferences.  As your company gets closer to an IPO, we will also include research and perspective surrounding the IPO market, i.e. number of filers, sector trends, pricing dates of relevant issues.

Workshops  Road to an IPO – The IPO process has become the seminal branding event.  The challenge today is that some companies are launching their product offerings often just before the bankers are preparing for an IPO. The securities laws, written in 1933, could never have contemplated this rapid ramp from concept to becoming a public company.  More is written today about companies crossing the somewhat confusing line of so-called ‘quiet period’ requirements leading up to an IPO.  Ripple Effect Communications has leveraged our in-depth knowledge of the security rules and devised this program to help companies understand the quiet period rules and effectively navigate successful pre-IPO communications campaigns. Our modules are beneficial not only to the CEO, CFO and CMO but the whole management team each of whom has a vested interest in a successful IPO process.  We take the team through the roles and objectives of each participant, the timeframes, what the courts have said and how we use this to prepare the communications battlefield well in advance. The benefits of this partnership are evident. Our IPO companies have participated in conferences, run analyst tours, appeared in business magazine corporate profiles and been featured on the broadcast media on the first day of trading.

After the Bankers Leave– This workshop is a proprietary core pre-IPO program developed specifically by Ripple Effect Communications to recognize the unique events surrounding an IPO and the first year of being a public company.  This two-hour workshop would typically include all senior level executives, public spokespersons and all communications professionals. This workshop is designed to extend the knowledge base of your team and ensure a successful transition. We help you define the resources and infrastructure you will need to compete for the investors’ mind share. We assist your team with disclosure policies and instruct them on safe harbor rules.  We also deliver counsel on chat rooms and chat room policies for your employees.  Importantly, our “After the Bankers Leave” workshop, will describe how your IR counsel will provide the ongoing foundation of support to a newly public company and management team so that you successfully communicate with the Street.

Disclosure: Managing Street Expectations – Managing Street expectations and providing “guidance” on company performance is an art and a science.  The practice has evolved in the past year as many companies re-position their approach to providing guidance.  We provide you and your management team with the practical skill sets to do this effectively for your company.  In a program that is one part the rules of disclosure and one part training, we demonstrate to management the pitfalls of reviewing analyst models, and we identify strategies used against you by investors to gain additional insight.  We show you how to review analyst models — what to do and what not to do — and how to avoid the legal problems of entanglement.  For technology companies, we show management how your actions can lead to “whisper numbers” and why a great quarterly performance can result in a decline in stock price through mismanagement of street expectations.