eschbach Launches Shiftconnector’s AI-Driven Smart Search to Improve Plant Performance

Global software developer eschbach, the provider of Shiftconnector® digital manufacturing software for process manufacturing, announces that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now an integral component of its enterprise platform. Now with AI search engine capabilities, Shiftconnector will bring a new level of intelligence to the plant floor. eschbach is making its announcement at Booth #15 at AVEVA World in San Francisco and at the SOCMA Annual Summit in New Orleans, events that are focused on process manufacturing innovations and digitalization.

For nearly 20 years, Shiftconnector’s software platform has been enabling process industry manufacturers to enhance communications among shift teams for effective shift handovers, transparent team communications, and increased asset performance.

With the addition of AI’s smart search capabilities to the Shiftconnector platform, teams will now be able to improve plant performance by quickly finding solutions based on the history of documented tribal knowledge from plant operations teams. By retrieving the most relevant information, it will accelerate operations and bring capabilities to help teams recover from disruptions by immediately identifying appropriate fixes. Also, captured knowledge can be managed to support workforce changes.

“For process manufacturers, Shiftconnector has long served as a foundation for collaboration among shift teams and plant management to increase production efficiencies and transparent communications,” said Andreas Eschbach, eschbach founder and CEO. “The addition of AI capabilities in the software platform provides a smart search with a new level of intelligence that can easily be adaptable depending on the specific needs of the organization.”

Large amounts of data flow through a plant operation and it can be costly to the overall operations when similar processes occur regularly, and downtimes occur to find solutions. As different teams need to develop unified responses, act on unexpected events, and maintain a cohesive workflow throughout multiple shifts, natural language processing is essential.

About eschbach and Shiftconnector®

With U.S. operations in Boston and headquartered in Germany, eschbach develops software for plant process management. Shiftconnector® provides a new level of team communication to ensure safety and improve plant effectiveness. The award-winning solution is trusted worldwide by leading manufacturing companies such as DuPont, BASF and Roche. For more information visit

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