PHASTAR given ACDM Award for Innovation in the Management of Clinical Data

PHASTAR, a global specialist biometrics contract research organization (CRO) offering industry leading data management, data science, statistical consulting and clinical trial reporting services, was announced as a joint winner of the 2021 Innovation in the Management of Clinical Data Award by the Association for Clinical Data Management (ACDM).

The award was in recognition of the work done by PHASTAR data scientists and data managers to develop a novel AI and rule-based approach for the production of auto-generated queries used to identify potential data issues and inconsistencies in clinical trial data. The PHASTAR team integrated the role of the human expert with intelligent process automation through a targeted approach. They are able to discover hotspots of data quality issues on studies through the application of AI (NLP) approaches to the meta data, identifying problematic forms and variables and are now building labelled data sets to which machine learning methods may be applied.

“It is truly a honour to be recognized by our industry peers for the outstanding contributions PHASTAR data science and data management teams have made to assure more accurate outcomes in clinical trials,” said Andrew MacGarvey, Chief Executive Officer, PHASTAR. “Data quality is an important pillar in the successful collection of clinical data. By creating innovative approaches, the application of advanced technologies like AI and Machine Learning will continue to impact the success of drug discovery and development.”

The Association for Clinical Data Management (ACDM) represents professionals working in the management of clinical data. Founded over 30 years ago, they have been at the forefront of changes in all aspects of the management of clinical data in clinical trials and support their members through training, conferences, discussions and information provision. ACDM represents and supports professionals involved with managing, capturing, handling and designing methods to collect clinical data from within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research fields.


PHASTAR is a global specialist biometrics contract research organization offering industry leading data management, data science, statistical consulting, and clinical trial reporting services by providing expert consultants and managing and delivering in-house projects, FSP style arrangements and preferred partnerships. PHASTAR currently has over staff across 14 offices (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Kenya, Japan, India and China) with plans to open additional locations in the future to serve prospective and existing clients. PHASTAR’s number one priority is to ensure that the work produced is of the highest quality. Every project PHASTAR undertakes utilizes unique internal processes which are designed to ensure optimal quality.

All PHASTAR’s data management, data science statistical and programming, staff are trained in the “PHASTAR Discipline” – an in-house approach to data analysis and collection. This comprises a set of common sense (but commonly ignored) principles that, if followed, guarantee error free outcomes. The “PHASTAR Discipline” also includes a series of intranet-based checklists highlighting potential pitfalls and points-to-consider when conducting clinical trials, enabling over 4,000 years of combined technical knowledge to be shared across the company.

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