Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are very hot but complex topics. In early stages of these trends, Ripple Effect was quickly able to successfully position TrendMiner as a thought leader through a strong program of published articles in our key industry publications. Their team has been swift on the uptake in understanding the complexities of our business and translating it into practical and thought-provoking ideas for gaining recognition of TrendMiner in our key markets.

Edwin van Dijk, Vice President, Marketing, TrendMiner

Ripple Effect has been instrumental in strategizing ways to further leverage EnOcean’s marketing and trade show efforts.  They have been able to successfully develop winning pitches for us on energy harvesting, smart building, and sustainable technology, as well as the IoT.  EnOcean executives and our partnering companies in the EnOcean Alliance have benefitted from exposure with a premium audience squarely in our space.

Zeljko Angelkoski, Marketing Manager Global Communications, EnOcean

Wellframe values the PR strategy and close relationships Ripple Effect has with healthcare editors. They’ve done a great job in getting us meaningful coverage and a thought leadership position as a visionary in the transformation of digital health management. Ripple Effect commits to meeting a goal and usually surpasses it. Very refreshing to see in the PR space.

Janie Tremlett, SVP Marketing & Partnerships, Wellframe

“We have enjoyed working with the Ripple Effect team and appreciate the value they provide in driving thought leadership in bylined articles, blogs, and other media. Their efforts led to recognition for an industry award and we have been pleased with how they extended media coverage on bylined articles and blogs they crafted.”

Scott Reedy, Senior Director, Marketing, Arena Solutions