Location:  Dublin,Ireland and Westborough,MA

Company Size: 13M

Company Description:  Globoforce is the leading worldwide provider of employee, distribution channel and consumer motivation technology platform.

Challenge:   Globoforce’s objective was to enter the U.S. market.  Part of this initiative was to embark on a PR plan that would position Globoforce as a leader in the incentive industry. The Globoforce PR challenge was to get traction with editors of HR, incentive, marketing and sales publications in the U.S.  It was in need of name recognition, brand awareness and the deployment of a focused strategy that would result in prospects taking notice.


Solution: Prior to conducting a messaging workshop with Globoforce personnel, Ripple Effect performed an analysis of how Globoforce was to position itself in order to increase awareness and acceptance in theU.S. marketplace.  From the information gathered from an internal perception study conducted with the incentive editors and analysts, Ripple Effect determined that defining a technology slant (incentive management system, global incentives platform) was the position with which to proceed.  The following steps were taken with that goal in mind.


Ripple Effect conducted a messaging workshop for Globoforce and completed a thorough SWOT analysis assessment.  As part of Ripple Effect’s methodologies, Ripple Effect created new appropriate terminology and descriptors such as “Globoforce provides a revolutionary motivation and incentive platform for the corporate market” and “Web-based transactional business model to provide users with a real-time view of incentive programs in each country or subsidiary, enhancing both corporate governance and reporting.”


Results: As part of the effort to provide editors with a clear understanding of Globoforce’s differentiation, a new boiler plate was developed. It was used in all subsequent press releases and for both internal and external communications.


  1. Ripple Effect introduced Globoforce to key editors in the incentives industry as well as covering sales and marketing technology solutions.  Through effective messaging, Ripple Effect was able to not only clearly convey to editors Globoforce’s solutions but properly distinguish Globoforce in the market surpassing Globoforce’s competitors in press visibility.


Results:  Due to Ripple Effect’s close contacts with the editors in the incentive industry, Globoforce was on the cover of Potential Magazine and was featured in four stories within three months, which is an amazing milestone and major accomplishment difficult to achieve. Ripple Effect wrote and distributed four press releases which resulted in 62 placements and single handedly garnered 26 feature articles for Globoforce.  Articles secured were meaningful supporting Globoforce’s objective in positioning itself as the leader in the industry.  Ripple Effect honed in on key messages that it made sure would be peppered throughout all feature articles as can be seen in such pieces titled “think global, act local”.  Potential Magazine’s article “Going Global”, “ A Global Force…” appearing in HR Innovator, “Top Products, Winning Applications” in Human Resource Executive, “Fulfillment Abroad” appearing in Incentive Magazine to name a few.


  1. Based on previous experience Ripple Effect has had in the incentive industry, the agency quickly and easily determined which industry awards Globoforce should actively pursue. Ripple Effect took an aggressive “out of the box” thinking and approach to submissions for awards that highlighted Globoforce’s solution from a technology standpoint and strongly identified and conveyed successfully Globoforce differentiation as being able to deliver a one-world view with its multilingual, multi-currency technology platform. Ripple Effect also set up a product demo with one of the key judges in order to strengthen Globoforce’s positioning to receive the award.  Globoforce was the only incentive company granted this opportunity to demonstrate its industry excellence to the Human Resource Executive’s chair person and key judge on the panel that determines the award nominee.


Results:  Globoforce was awarded the Human Resource Executive Magazine’s Best Technology Product of the Year.”  Globoforce was also named in Potential’s Gold Star Award data sheet which was distributed at Potential’s Motivation Show and available on Potential’s website.


  1. Media training session with the CEO and Globoforce’s customers were carried out by Ripple Effect before and after each interview.  Assessment was made of talking points and strategy and follow up with the editors after each interview ensured the right messages were chosen to be printed.


Results:  Seventeen interviews were set up either with Globoforce executives its customers or it partners.


  1. Ripple Effect conducted a mini media tour to leverage Globoforce’s participation in the SHRM show, in-person interviews with media to develop relationships, be introduced to new reporters, and establish Ripple Effect as the contact to go to as a media source for future articles and stories on Globoforce.  The SHRM show provided an excellent opportunity for Globoforce to unveil its new customer wins and expansion progress in theU.S.  Ripple Effect engaged the media in pre-briefing (NDA) discussions and generated interest for further inclusion in pending articles.  In addition, Ripple Effect seeked feedback from the media in regard to the impact its news will have on the marketplace; Ripple Effect took the time to seek the “advice” of the trade press editors whose opinions are important in the Incentive arena. The meetings will gave Globoforce executives the chance to expound on the corporate story and deliver new messaging to these audiences.


Results: Five face to face media interviews with the Globoforce CEO were set up at the SHRM show.  Strategic media relationships were established resulting in the press to pro-actively comes to Ripple Effect as a media source for Globoforce news as well as a source for the incentives industry as a whole.




The Big Picture

Objectives Achieved: The pilot PR program managed by Ripple Effect and SF&T succeeded in clarifying Globoforce’s message to the media and the incentive industry as a whole.  It was a winning strategy that resulted in increased awareness and acceptance in the U.S. market with 62 placements on its four press releases and 26 feature articles in targeted publications.  Globoforce established a foothold in the US market, causing Globoforce’s competitors, potential customers to acknowledge Globoforce as a presence in the US market.  The momentum continues as Ripple Effect expands on Globoforce’s editorial contacts with recent articles in such business press as the Red Herring, Financial Times, Time Europe and The Wall Street Journal.  Globoforce has acknowledged the benefits that can be achieved from a solid PR plan. As a consequence, Globoforce achieved a 400% increase in revenues in theUS alone.  Ripple Effect assisted Globoforce in finalizing a major contract and partnership with eBay in theUS.  Globoforce views PR as a strategic initiative and has created a new marketing and PR position within the company in February 2005.

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