Core Benefits to Working With Us

We pride ourselves on being a seamless extension of our clients’  team. We are all VP-level PR and marketing pros who are committed to delivering superior service.  We offer content marketing, integrated communications, and influencer relations. We have distinct advantages in that we have developed ourselves as a source with the media in bringing thought leadership, vision, and trends to the forefront for our technology clients.  This can only be accomplished with seasoned digital PR professionals who turn every phone call into a compelling opportunity. We have to work smart because we are performance-based.  So every activity we do – whether in the realm of social media, thought leadership, content marketing, or email marketing, leverages other opportunities – creating the Ripple Effect.

Flexibility, scalability, and a focus on results are at the heart of every one of our services. Each service can be full scale or scaled back at any time.  Other services can be added or removed as needed to create the most innovative, creative digital PR program that works. Best of all, every service is tied to an accountability matrix, which is our guarantee on results, as well as a tactical action plan for the effective delivery of services, including access to industry experts for strategy and investor relations.

Strategic Counsel
  • VP-level team, including analysts
  • Proven methodologies
  • Roadmap messaging with milestones
‘A La Carte’ Services
  • Interweaves the communications web
  • Cost-effective
  • Creative
  • Versatile
  • Scalable
ROI Matrix On Deliverables
  • Accountable
  • Transparent
  • Results-driven
Global Reach
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Strong connections with European analysts and journalists
  • Understanding of cultures worldwide
  • EU Nationals – member of Eurocom
  • Design of initial program content
  • Customized programs
  • Adapt programs as the ripple effect occurs