Location:  Red Oaks,California


Company Description:  Questra is an enterprise software company leading the development and marketing of intelligent device management solutions which it sells through distributors and VARs to such Fortune 100 companies as Afga, General Electric, Heidelberg, Kodak, SAIC and Samsung to name a few.


Company Size: 6M


Challenge:  The challenge for Ripple Effect was two fold;  Questra needed to generate media coverage targeted to C-level executives of Fortune 1000 companies; and it needed a plan to keep their product in the forefront of their VARs’ and distributors’ activities.


Solution:  Ripple Effect devised two unique strategies to address these challenges.


  1. C-level executives were encouraged to attend a Webinar sponsored by Ripple Effect with an offer of a special edition book signed by the author.  The book explained how to generate new revenue streams through technologies such as device relationship management.  Ripple Effect uncovered the existence of the book and had the copies signed by the author. 


Results:  The C-level executives took notice.  Vesna Swartz, Questra Vice President of Marketing noted, “We had 25 C-level executives attend a private, highly focused Webinar that resulted in 2 sales and a number of longer term sales we are waiting to close on.”


  1. Ripple Effect devised several means to encourage the VARs and distributors of the Questra product to promote their device relationship management software.  Ripple Effect developed cooperative marketing activities such as joint speaking opportunities, award ceremonies honoring certain VARs for their contributions, shared bylined articles and co-op case studies focused on the partner and their customers which helped reinvigorate loyalty and satisfaction.


Result:  The campaign allowed Questra to broaden its exposure with article coverage and press in addition to motivating its partners to truly feel like part of the team.


The Big Picture

Objectives Achieved:  Questra saw an immediate impact on their sales volume and an increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction.  “As a by-product of our campaign, we made connections with the right consultants that assisted us in bringing on additional partners and in expanding our channel,” stated Vesna Swartz, Questra Vice President of Marketing



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