Ambitious Launch in the US for Riga Black Balsam

New York, NY — In celebration of the Winter Solstice, Amber Beverage Group is pleased to announce its premium liquor Riga Black Balsam, an up-and-coming leader in the herbal bitters category. Launching initially in New York and soon to Texas, Florida, California, and Illinois, this specialty liquor comprises 24 different plants, flowers, buds, juices, roots, oils and berries, prepared in oak barrels and giving a 45% alcohol by volume (abv) or 90 proof drink.

Enjoyed as is, or often used as an indispensable component for different mixed drinks – from simple shots to sophisticated cocktails, whether a before-dinner or after-dinner drink, a winter favorite is to serve it in warm black currant juice. Sold in ceramic flagons, its infused ingredients deliver a complex and versatile flavor. Like the winter solstice, Riga Black Balsam honors the cycles and the seasons with its organic roots and herbs that remind us of the ever changing flow of life that is a part of us all. From Valerian root that promotes good sleep to delicious berries that deliver a feel good experience, Riga Black Balsam brings flavors from the earth and is even infused with such rare ingredients as Gentian and Peruvian Balsamic Oils.

“From the holiday season, we gave the brand a very special pre-launch party in New York’s cocktail bar The Wooly, based in the legendary and stylish Woolworth Building. New York’s leading bartenders attended the event and helped us kick off our coveted campaign to make Riga Black Balsam a Top 5 premium brand of herbal bitters within five years,” said Riga Black Balsam Global Brand Director Maris Kalnins.

“We know how important the bartender’s points of view is within this increasingly competitive industry and we really value their insight. After all, we will not be able to reach a leadership position in the bitters category without them. This is why we are focusing our attention on building brand awareness among United States Bartenders Guild members, in addition to participating in high profile expos and industry shows,” says Kalnins.

Riga Black Balsam will be showcased in premium bars across New York and will be rolled out to other states throughout 2018. The brand was launched on the U.S. market in collaboration with New York-based Aligned Beverage Solutions LLC, which was appointed to represent Riga Black Balsam in the U.S. For Riga Black Balsam distribution opportunities in the U.S., please contact Aligned Beverage Solutions LLC:

About Riga Black Balsam:

Riga Black Balsam is a herbal bitter made in Latvia, based on 24 individual ingredients, which create a unique and elegant flavor. With a history dating back over 265 years, Riga Black Balsam is one of the oldest brands in the world in its category. This legendary beverage is sold in over 30 countries, with over four million bottles being produced every year.

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