PHASTAR Names Dr. Jennifer Bradford to Head Data Science Group

PHASTAR, a global CRO, announced today that Dr. Jennifer Bradford has been named to lead PHASTAR’s Data Science Group, a team of experienced scientists that are applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to maximize the value of clinical trial data.

PHASTAR’s Data Science Group brings together multiple disciplines, including computational and mathematical skills, as well as strong knowledge of clinical trials and healthcare.  The new Data Science team complements PHASTAR’s existing high quality statistical, programming and data management offering to provide a more diverse set of services that will enable the best use of data and metadata.  With technical expertise in data processing, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithm development and visualizations, the group applies strong scientific domain knowledge to support pharmaceutical and biotech companies with their data-related challenges.

“Jennifer brings a deep knowledge and breadth of experience to PHASTAR,” said Kevin Kane, CEO and Founder of PHASTAR. “The increasing complexity of clinical trial data can bring the most value when advanced techniques are applied that can identify data sources and associated analytics to answer key questions throughout the trial period.  With the leadership that Jennifer brings to PHASTAR, the Data Science Group combined with other PHASTER resources, can make a significant difference in the efficacy of clinical trials,” he added.

After graduating in Biomedical Sciences from Keele University, Dr. Bradford completed her bioinformatics Masters and a PhD at Leeds University where she applied machine learning approaches to the field of protein structure prediction.  Following post-doc studies at the University of Manchester, she joined the advanced analytics group at AstraZeneca working alongside medical scientists, statisticians and software developers to maximize the value from clinical trial data across therapy areas through data analytics, machine learning, text mining and data visualization approaches. Dr. Bradford then moved to Cancer Research UK gaining valuable experience working with other sponsors, staff and patients at the Christie Hospital, one of the largest cancer treatment centers in Europe.


PHASTAR is a global CRO offering statistical consulting, clinical trial reporting, data management and data science services by providing expert consultants and managing and delivering in-house projects, FSP style arrangements and preferred partnerships. PHASTAR currently has over 250 staff across 10 offices (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Kenya) with plans to open additional locations in Asia and the West Coast of the United States to serve prospective and existing clients. PHASTAR’s number one priority is to ensure that the work we produce is of the highest quality. Every project PHASTAR undertakes utilizes our unique internal processes which are designed to ensure optimal quality.  All PHASTAR’s statistical, programming, data management and data science staff are trained in the “PHASTAR Discipline” – our in-house approach to data analysis and collection. This comprises a set of common sense (but commonly ignored) principles that, if followed, guarantee error free outcomes. The “PHASTAR Discipline” also includes a series of intranet-based checklists highlighting potential pitfalls and points-to-consider when conducting clinical trials, enabling over 2,500 years of combined technical knowledge to be shared across the company.  For further information on PHASTAR contact


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