Ripple Effect Communications and Orient Planet Partner to Offer Expanded Services for Public Relations and Marketing Communications in the Middle East

Ripple Effect Communications, an award winning public relations company located in Boston, New York and California, announced today its partnership with Orient Planet, one of the Middle East’s most rapidly growing public relations, marketing and communications consultancies, to offer PR and marketing communications services focused on the Middle East including the Arabian Gulf, Levant, Egypt and North Africa. The new service offering, aimed at companies that want to target consumers in the Middle East, is based on an innovative infrastructure, executive-only talent pool with client-side experience and offers a unique pricing structure that results in lean, yet target-exceeding performance.
“Our partnership with Orient Planet supports our global mission to have a culture-centered approach in conducting public relations in the Arab World,” said Valerie Harding, President of Ripple Effect Communications. “Additionally, we are thrilled with how quickly we have shown our mutual clients how well we have been able to act as one cohesive team.”
Nidal Abou Zaki, Managing Director of Orient Planet, added: “An increasing number of US companies are considering the Middle East as a key growth market, as the region still offers exceptional growth opportunities in many sectors.  We are excited to work seamlessly with Ripple Effect to offer US companies a complete range of PR and marketing communication services to reach their target audiences in the Middle East and North Africa region, specially tailored to match the local dynamics of each country.”
Ripple Effect Communications and Orient Planet have kicked off their partnership by jointly working to expand the global presence of EastNets, a leading provider of global compliance and payment solutions. “As a leading compliance and payment solutions and services provider with over 1,000 customers in 120 countries, Orient Planet and Ripple Effect have provided us with a great team and have increased EastNets’ presence and visibility globally, said Hazem Mulhim, CEO of EastNets

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