Welcome to Ripple Effect Communications

Ripple Effect Communications, located in Boston, New York and California, is the PR and marketing communications company that has changed the face of public relations to the benefit of its clients by using an innovative infrastructure, executive-only talent pool with client-side experience and unique pricing structure to result in lean, yet target-exceeding performance.

Managing marketing communications campaigns in high technology industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, medical devices, life sciences, biotech, and wireless, our senior team of PR and IR professionals provide strategic direction, council and implementation across the entire range of client requirements. The Ripple Effect team brings multi-lingual capabilities as well as global connections through its Eurocom Worldwide PR partnership.

Flexibility, scalability, and being results driven are at the heart of every one of our services. Each service can be full scale or scaled back at any time. Others services can be added or removed as needed to create the most innovative, creative PR program that works. Best of all, every service is tied to an accountability matrix which is our guarantee on results a as well as a tactical action plan for the effective delivery of services, including access to industry experts for strategy and investor relations.

Ripple Effect Communications also brings multi-lingual capabilities as well as strong connections to EU and an understanding of cultures around the world.


Ripple Effect Communications produces big agency results for less because of its innovative infrastructure, unique pricing approach and complete ROI matrix on deliverables. Our multi-tiered services are versatile, scaleable, and cost effective. We offer over thirty services in the areas of PR, IR and Marketing. All of our services are "a la carte". Any or all services from the three areas can be mixed and matched or scaled up and down depending upon our client's needs. All of our services are designed to leverage off of the other causing the ripple effect to occur, an effect that powerfully impacts the value and growth of each client.


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