MarketOne International

Location:U.S. Headquarters,Maynard,Massachusetts


Company Size: 8 M


Company Description:  MarketOne International provides a service for high-end sales lead development targeting strategic accounts worldwide.


Challenge:  MarketOne International turned to Ripple Effect because it needed a team of experts to specifically help them with a branding campaign when they changed their name from Marketing Decisions, Inc. earlier in the year. They required senior-level counsel and involvement, including campaign planning, media strategy, corporate/brand positioning and the implementation of a PR matrix to measure the overall success of their objectives to increase visibility using marketing strategies.


Solution:  The Ripple Effect approach to this challenge involved several strategic endeavors.


  1. Ripple Effect was tasked with shaping the entire organization’s views on the value of the services and products it delivers from the perspective of MarketOne International’s target audience.  Ripple Effect needed to ensure the right messages with the right vision permeated all internal and external communications. Meeting with the top executives of MarketOne International, Ripple Effect personnel gathered critical intelligence and provided their client with the skills necessary to insure a unified focus and message. Participation in messaging workshops followed.


  1. Ripple Effect introduced MarketOne International’s company vision to the key press that were unaware of the company, its services and products and its customers. To this end, Ripple Effect targeted key journals both national and local.


Results: Ripple Effect secured coverage for its client on the cover of the Boston Business Journal with color photos of the president and a company profile inside the periodical.  MarketOne International was also featured in such business press as USA Today, The Boston Globe, and the Red Herring.  For trade targets, MarketOne International received coverage in several sales and marketing magazines which were targeted by MarketOne International.


  1. Ripple Effect strengthened key relationships with analysts such as Forrester, Gartner, IDC and the Meta Group.


Results: Analyst relationships drove credibility with positive reviews in the press and delivered marketplace recognition. Due to this positive analyst response and media coverage, two industry specific speaking opportunities for two of MarketOne International’s unique target audiences were garnered.


  1. Ripple Effect conducted media training for MarketOne International’s executives to ensure all parties remained on message throughout the course of presentations, especially bearing in mind the key messages for each unique audience.

Results: Executives were more effective conducting media interviews and fully prepared to answer tough questions.  Executives were more at ease in one on one meetings with both the analysts and the media.


  1. During presentations, the Ripple Effect team worked the room serving as a source of intelligence gathering as well as seeking out new speaking opportunities for MarketOne International executives.


Results: Through intelligence gathering, Ripple Effect identified important trends and worked with executives to develop positioning in order to strategically to meet new challenges.  Ripple Effect also uncovered interested prospects and was able to deliver background information on those prospects to MarketOne International’s sales force.


The Big Picture

Objectives Achieved:  The analysts were impressed with MarketOne International’s initiatives and they supported the unveiling of their new name.  Due to the generated interest and inclusion in analyst reports, MarketOne International received referral business from The Meta Group and secured IBM as a customer.  In addition, the feedback and advice from both media and analysts on MarketOne International’s new messaging and corporate strategy proved invaluable.  Ripple Effect’s role with analysts and media included media training, analyst briefing sheets on each meeting detailing talking points, meeting objectives and intended outcomes.  In addition, Ripple Effect garnered analyst quotes that added credibility to MarketOne International’s press releases and were showcased on MarketOne International’s Web site as testimonials.  MarketOne International felt Ripple Effect exceeded their expectations and was critical to crystallizing a winning strategy.  The benefit to MarketOne International was tangible. Due to the training and guidance received from Ripple Effect they were able to put into action the feedback received, capitalize on the analyst endorsements and increase their revenue by 22% in two quarters.

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