INFORM Aviation and FlightAware Agree to Optimize Airport Ground Operations

INFORM’s GroundStar (GS) RealTime solutions combined with FlightAware’s predictive flight data give airport ground operators more accurate calculations of turnaround milestones and operational data to improve customer service.

INFORM Aviation, a global provider of aviation management software, and FlightAware, part of Collins Aerospace, an RTX business and leading provider of real-time, historical, and predictive flight tracking data and products, announce a strategic agreement that combines predictive flight data provided by FlightAware with INFORM’s GroundStar solutions to give dispatchers a new and more precise calculation of turnaround milestones that minimizes operational uncertainties and streamlines airport ground operations.

FlightAware is a provider of highly accurate real-time and predictive flight data, which is heavily relied on by the Aviation industry. INFORM specializes in AI and optimization software to improve operational decision-making & resource efficiency. Through the use of FlightAware’s powerful data and accurate real-time predictions, INFORM’s Aviation customers who use their GroundStar Real-Time solutions will be able to achieve industry leading operations performance by making sure the right resources are available at the right time. Both INFORM and FlightAware utilize AI models to produce and integrate precise predictive datasets. Thus, airlines, airports, and ground handlers will have the benefit of industry-best accurate ETA data via FlightAware and through INFORM’s GS RealTime solutions, be able to empower airport personnel to make the best possible use of flight data.

“We are excited about the agreement between INFORM and FlightAware. The collaborative nature of the software integration greatly enhances the ability of airport operators to deliver maximum benefits through an improved and accurate real-time database,” explains Uschi Schulte-Sasse, Senior Vice President of INFORM Aviation. “We’re making it very easy for our existing customers to quickly upgrade to the new combined solution. Future customers who opt for INFORM’s GS RealTime solutions will find that the option to use FlightAware Data is already integrated into the standard solution.”

For airport ground handlers and airlines, INFORM integrates the data provided by FlightAware to GS RealTime-based solutions, resulting in a significantly improved database for optimizing the use of existing resources to streamline operations. Operators will not only have better information on when ground handling processes need to happen, but with GS RealTime solutions, be able to take full advantage of the industry-leading data.

Loren Mathis, INFORM Aviation’s Chief Strategy Officer adds, “This agreement will have a significant benefit to INFORM’s GroundStar RealTime customers. Having accurate arrival information as far as a few hours in advance makes a tremendous difference in successful on-time performance. Knowledge that a flight will be earlier than planned gives ground operators a few extra minutes to ensure ground personnel are ready and able to turn the aircraft. Gate managers can make more informed decisions about how to maximize connectivity. Even when delays inevitably happen, better advanced data means better decisions can be made on whether to wait on those connecting bags or passengers or try to reaccommodate them early. The combination of FlightAware’s predictive data and INFORM’s GroundStar solution allows operators to make the best possible decisions and action them in the best possible way to impact customer value. At INFORM we think this will be a tremendous benefit to new and existing customers and we’re excited to deliver this together with FlightAware.”

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