INFORM Launches GS RegionMaster to Give Airlines a Network-Wide Overview

GroundStar (GS) RegionMaster now gives airlines expanded access to monitor the operational management of their stand assignments across the network

INFORM, a leading provider of AI-based optimization software known for improving decision-making, process efficiency, and resource management, introduces GS RegionMaster, exciting new software within INFORM’s GroundStar software suite. Primarily used by airlines, their small to medium size operation airports will now have a best-in-class solution for their stand assignment management. Control personnel will achieve even greater cost savings while improving on-time operational performance. GS RegionMaster, available as a SaaS solution (cloud-ready), brings greater efficiency and cost savings for airlines.

“With GS RegionMaster, airlines can monitor and manage numerous airports at a glance to identify conflicts or disruptions in order to avoid costly delays,” said Bernadette Schaefer, Product Manager for GS RegionMaster at INFORM. “Our new software solution allocates, and monitors stand assignments and delivers a transparent view of the situation on each airport in real-time. This supports airline’s regional managers in achieving smooth and efficient airport operations.” The new solution will be presented to the public for the first time at the upcoming PTE in Frankfurt (Hall 6.1 #D121).

GS RegionMaster was specifically designed to support airline regional managers, who are tasked with detecting and correcting irregularities in the ongoing operation of stand allocations. The software also alleviates their necessity of having to intermittently review individual stations, one by one. Users can now monitor their entire network in one view and will receive notifications when disruptions or irregularities are detected at a specific airport. This immediate and proactive guidance gives personnel the ability to intelligently solve problems before they occur.

With its advanced algorithms, GS RegionMaster excels at providing a focused set of functions that facilitate airlines in preparation for and upon conclusion of a flight. For example, time is critical in-flight management. If a flight is arriving early and an outgoing flight has been delayed, GS RegionMaster will alert the region manager to immediately navigate the incoming flight to an alternative parking position, saving wait time on the apron, avoiding further delays, and supporting more effective resource management.


INFORM develops software to optimize business processes using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced mathematics of operations research. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Aachen, Germany, the company promotes sustainable value creation in various industries through optimized decision-making. Its solutions are tailored to specific industry requirements by software engineers, data analysts and consultants and help over 1,000 current customers worldwide to operate more resiliently and sustainably with greater success. INFORM’s systems serve a range of industries including aviation, automotive, financial institutions, logistics, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, and wholesale. The company is committed to ethical AI practices, sustainable customer relations and is increasingly focusing on cloud-based

 About GroundStar

With GroundStar, INFORM offers the most comprehensive software suite for the optimization of aviation processes currently on the market. It fulfills all requirements of the companies involved in airline and airport operations and covers a wide range of solutions, such as Ground Handling, Aircraft Engineering, Airport Operations, and Hub and Turnaround Management. GroundStar helps customers to run their operations smoothly and cost-effectively while improving punctuality and passenger satisfaction at the same time. INFORM has been developing scientifically substantiated optimization algorithms for this purpose. As a global leader with over 200 installations in more than 170 airports worldwide INFORM has proven its effective and long-term capacity for innovation.

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