INFORM expands North American operations for SYNCROSUPPLY product launch

INFORM, a global pioneer in AI-powered optimization software, today announced the expansion of their North American product portfolio with the launch of its yard and timeslot management system SYNCROSUPPLY. Today’s announcement comes in conjunction with several strategic staffing changes, demonstrating INFORM’s strong commitment to growth in this key market.

SYNCROSUPPLY, an AI-based yard and timeslot management software system, which optimizes incoming and outgoing material deliveries at industrial facilities, has been implemented globally by more than 100 organizations like Volkswagen, Honda, Coca-Cola HBC, Continental, and Rehau. This AI-powered solution manages thousands of trucks per day in manufacturing and production facilities around the world. Utilizing SYNCROSUPPLY, INFORM global customers have realized up to an 85% increase of planned dispatch as well as a 30% increase in overall sales potential.

Through this proven platform, INFORM empowers customers through its extensive background in operations research and AI, which aids customers in key planning resources in real time using digital decision-making.

The platform addresses key logistical challenges including:

  • The efficient utilization of facility and workforce capacity, which is crucial as volumes and overall complexities grow.
  • Prioritizing time-critical inbound materials and delivering materials to dock doors in the right sequence.
  • Ensuring compliance with process requirements and regulatory controls such as quality controls, access management, weight scale processes, and the proper handling of dangerous or hazmat goods.
  • Monitoring, visibility, and automation of truck and trailer yard operations.
  • Achieving seamless integration among inbound, in-plant, and outbound logistics.

“Through our market research we found the yard management segment in North America is saturated with numerous solution offerings, but very few of these solutions are able to truly support digitalization and have the capability to support AI and autonomous vehicle integration. Knowing that many organizations are focusing not only on increased efficiency, but also further advancing their technological capabilities and resilience to potential disruption, it seemed like the perfect time to bring SYNCROSUPPLY to the North American Market while continuing to grow our team here,” said Daniel Gosson, Director Manufacturing Logistics at INFORM North America.

In order to support the launch of SYNCROSUPPLY, INFORM has made key investments within their North American team by promoting Daniel Gosson to Director Manufacturing Logistics as well as adding Michél Klatt to the position of Senior Consultant, and Loan Turner, Sales Consultant.

“These strategic changes within our Manufacturing Logistics Division in North American demonstrate our commitment to providing industry-leading solutions as well as market expertise and support to our customers as part of our overall growth strategy for the North American market,” said Justin Newell, CEO of INFORM North America.

INFORM is the market leader in AI and optimization software to facilitate improved decision-making. Based in Aachen, Germany, and Atlanta, Georgia, the company has been in the optimization business for over 50 years and serves a wide span of industries including automotive, chemical industry, maritime, intermodal, construction materials, aviation, production, workforce management and other manufacturing and logistics related industries.


INFORM develops software to optimize business processes using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced mathematics of Operations Research. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Aachen, Germany, the company promotes sustainable value creation in various industries through optimized decision-making. Its solutions are tailored to specific industry requirements and help over 1,000 current customers worldwide to operate more resiliently and sustainably with greater success. INFORM’s systems serve a range of industries including aviation, automotive, financial institutions, logistics, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, and wholesale. The company is committed to ethical AI practices, sustainable customer relations and is increasingly focusing on cloud-based solutions.


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