Ripple Effect Communications First to Offer New Approach to Marketing Communications Services

Emerging high tech companies see immediate results and pay back from innovative infrastructure, unique pricing methodology and complete ROI matrix on deliverables.

BOSTON, MA – Ripple Effect Communications, an integrated marketing communications company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in New York and California, announces an effective approach to offering marketing communications services for companies that are limited in bandwidth and resources, but have the need to generate the momentum and awareness to win new customers and become industry leaders.

“MarketOne International chose Ripple Effect Communications because we have limited resources, but needed a team of experts to specifically help us with a branding campaign when we changed our name earlier this year,” noted Spencer Harvey, President of MarketOne International. “We were so pleased with the results, which included our story on the cover of the Boston Business Journal, that we are using them again this quarter to create, manage and execute a demand creation program for us starting with a webinar.”

Ripple Effect offers over 30 different programs, each with an associated accountability matrix on results and tactical action plan for the effective delivery of services, including access to industry experts for strategy and investor relations. Clients such as MarketOne International, Genomic Profiling Systems, StreamServe and Wireless Bypass immediately saw the value in Ripple Effect’s “a la carte” service offerings because it proved to be versatile, scaleable, and affordable.

“As a European company trying to break into the U.S. market, we needed to find a firm that could produce big agency results at a reasonable price. StreamServe demands accountability for all of our service providers and Ripple Effect Communications was the only firm willing to guarantee results,” said Eric Marks, VP of Market Development at StreamServe Americas. “We started out small, but as we saw the dynamic relationship of each program and the results they produced, we decided to scale up to a large, full-service public relations program.”

“We adopted an “a la carte” methodology to guarantee that our services remain as flexible as our clients’ needs. All of our “a la carte” programs are designed as stand-alone. However every communication program by definition can leverage off of the other: we call this phenomenon “the ripple effect of the communication web”. More importantly, this ripple effect occurs within all of our programs, powerfully impacting the value and growth of each client.” explained Valerie Harding, President of Ripple Effect Communications.

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